Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Do You Feel That Shade?: Aretha Franklin tells Kathie Lee to Check Her Credentials

*sigh* I'm not sure what's in the water but this week yet another celebrity has written a check their relevance can't cash.

Recently on her televised happy hour morning show Kathie Lee shared some unpleasant thoughts about the possibility of Aretha Franklin joining American Idol, causing Aretha to evoke the spirit of Got 2b Real and made it known that her name is Terms and Conditions...nobody reads her.

The whole thing started when Gifford had the following to say:
" If they are looking for a younger demographic, there are a lot of kids out there (who) actually don’t know who Aretha Franklin is. It’s sad, but they don’t”
And of course High Queen ReRe was not tolerating the perceived shade and said this in a letter to CNN:
"While I enjoy Kathie Lee and Hoda daily, her assessment is totally wrong! I've been to California from Detroit four times this year and Florida. I go wherever I choose to go comfortably on my custom bus. Further, my audience and fans span the age of 8 to 90! And are multi-ethnic, and I am very well known to young adults, tweens and teens. Their parents play my music and I take care of my business whenever I sign on the dotted line! I'm surprised Kathie Lee did not research my worldwide celebrity audience… She should research me before she speaks about me."
Welp there you go! Aretha might not be selling albums but she's surely snatching wigs...hopefully Kathie Lee will take a quick peek at wikipedia before she comments on the Queen of Soul again.