Friday, September 28, 2012

Well If This Doesn't Make You Vote: Gangnam Parody "Vote Obama Style"

With just about 39 days left until the election I cannot stress how important it is to register, secure the proper identification and VOTE.  Now I could preach about how Obama is this best choice but I think this Gangnam Style parody video pretty much sums it up! 

So remember this November Vote Obama Style!

Happy Friday :)

This Is Why I Don't Like Her: Ann Coulter Being Ann Coulter on The View

I really try not to mention Ann Coulter because I swear she's raises my normal on target blood pressure but today I couldn't resist.  Sometime this week Ann the friendly WASP decided to reschedule her daily tea party and screening of Birth Of A Nation with David Duke to stop by The View and plug her new book Mugged.

 Ann like always made inflammatory and border line racist comments one saying that the OJ verdict made white America say "that's it the white guilt banks are shut down" and "that was the best thing that ever happened to black people" oh and of course "Barack Obama has abandoned black people" and just in case you were wondering the crime laws employed by republicans in New York and Reagan and Bush judges throughout the nation really saved black lives.  There is so much I'd like to say about all that but for the sake of my pressure I'm just going to correct a few of her erroneous "facts".

1. Liberals call everything that doesn't have to do with black people Civil Rights....abortion on demand, homeless rights

-Despite contrary opinion Black people do not have the monopoly on Civil Rights...and this is coming from a real life black person.  By definition Civil Rights are equality rights they are not race, age, gender or sexual orientation specific.  They are rights a person is guaranteed by a nation from birth.

2. The first Black congressmen were all republicans and republicans were the first to try to get blacks to vote and the southern strategy was a myth.

- Okay historically yes Ann you are right but how bout we stop pretending that we're all idiots who don't know that the political parties in America have drastically shifted ideologically since 1868.  The republican party today is not the party of Lincoln, that's just basic high school government class knowledge.

3. Republicans have never pushed for Voter I.D laws that's a democrat thing.
Really so what about...
- Nikki Haley governor of South Carolina..a republican
- Tom Corbett governor of Pennsylvania
- Rick Scott governor of Florida
- Rick Perry former governor of Texas

now that's only naming a few but c'mon we all know republicans have been overwhelmingly pushing for these laws

4. Liberals support voter fraud
- there have been more accounts of people seeing UFO's than voter fraud occurring CUT IT OUT.

If you want to hear her entire segment on The View and watch Whoopi get bleeped just follow the link below and for the love of God please don't read chapter 14 or 16 of her book like she begs everyone too.  Just read the 14th and 16th'll be better off that way, I promise.

Ann Coulter on The View

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Each One Teach One: Let's Help Nicki Minaj Come Up With a New Album Name!

I don't usually blog on the weekend but as I'm watching The Art Of Rap, which is AMAZING by the way I can't help but to think about poor Onika Maraj. 

Not too long ago she announced that her next album will eventually drop and it will be named Pink Friday Roman Reloaded the Re Up, after that she released images of her new perfume named what?!?! You guessed it Pink Friday.  Now I know the Bratz Barbz probably love the fact that ALL of her albums and now her perfume have the same name, I mean it is easy to remember but I just need the madness to end. 

Since Nicki's probably too busy making faces in her mirror and picking out Safaree's outfits to do it herself I think we should all help her think of a new album and or fragrance name.  Here's my potential list:

1. Lacefronts and Silicone

2. Memories of the Rich and Ratchet


3. I'm  Rich So I Can Do This

Okay so they could probably use work but hey it's a start. Join in and let's help Nicki come up with something new!

Friday, September 21, 2012

It's official: You can now like Urban Affairs Daily on facebook!

So today I finally decided to create a Facebook fan page for this humble little blog!  Its new and a wee bit bare so don't judge me, but it is up and running!  So just follow the link below or click the button on the right hand side and like urban affairs daily on facebook! Oh and have a happy friday!

like the facebook!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I Said It And What: Mitt Romney's Not Apologizing For 47% Comments

Somewhere in the hills of Massachusetts (or at least in my mind) I'm sure Mitt Romney is blasting Snow's Informer and yelling "I'll lick em bum bum down" in his best patois all while drinking lots of gin because this is truly turning out to be an annoying week. First he had to deal with Nancy Pelosi throwing shade now one of his supporters has turned snitched and released a particularly damning video of him.

 As I'm sure most people already know that a video was recently released that features Mitt Romney saying that 47% of America will never vote for him because they are depending on government to supply their needs like housing and food and that he doesn't care about them.

Well MOST people would assume that after a messy situation like this you'd apologize and try to do some damage control but of course your not Mitt Romney.  Recently Romney has channeled his inner thug and basically said that he's standing by his statements and HE'S NOT now what!

Now I'm not sure if Romney's campaign team just decided to stop caring this week or if they are truly so ignorant that they think not wavering on this is a good idea but whatever the case may be they have made egregious mistake.  With 7 weeks till the election it might not be the best idea to alienate 47% of the population, especially not when your behind in the vast majority of wing states.

Fact Check Me (& listen to Informer):
Romney Stands by Statements

Snow- Informer

Congressional Shade: Nancy Pelosi Say's Mitt Romney's Not Winning This Election

After hours of vegging out on my new favorite show Newsroom on HBO I decided I wanted to write about something serious, something news worthy, something the people needed to know!  Then I saw this beautiful dose of shade by Nancy Pelosi and I had to press pause on all that for the time being and talk about something fun.

Recently former Speaker Pelosi had this to say about Mitt Romney at CNN's "State of the Union".

"Oh, Mitt Romney's not going to be president of the United States," I think everybody knows that."

Sometimes I forget how much I LOVE that lil' old lady & then she says things like this and I'm ready to move to her district and start hanging up campaign signs.  That being said,  it is a little less than two months from the election so I hope she didn't speak to soon.

Fact Check Me: Huffington Post

Monday, September 17, 2012

Well It's Not Just Me & Spike Lee: Huffington Post Article Questions the Benefit of Tyler Perry Movies

Well, well, well, it looks like Spike Lee and I aren't the only "haters" in the building. An article recently published by the Huffington Post found in their Black Voices sound asking the question are Tyler Perry movies helping or hurting the black community. While the writer doesn't pick a side it's nice to finally see the question raised by someone other than Spike Lee.

Since I've already shared my personal opinion on Perry and his modern minstrel shows movies I won't go over them again but feel free to follow the link at the bottom and read the article which collected some of their greatest twitter responses and incorporated them within the story. Have fun!

PS.  Remember when I am talking about Perry Films I mean movies that were solely HIS intellectual property. Not films that where the concept, storyline and at the very least part dialogue were taken from a critically acclaimed play written decades before. And just in case there’s any question I was definitely talking about For Colored Girls. Okay now have fun!

Tyler Perry Movies: Are They Helping Or Hurting The Black Community?

Friday, September 7, 2012

Chile Please: Nicki Minaj endorses Mitt Romney in Latest Rap

After my trip to Jamaica and my slight hiatus I'm back with a story to tell.

Recently the blogs have been all a buzz with news of  rapper Nicki Minaj and her apparent endorsement of Mitt Romney.  On a track that appears on Lil Wayne's Dedication 4 mixtape, Minaj decided to throw out these "political" bars:
"I'm a Republican voting for Mitt Romney. You lazy bitches is #ucking up the economy" 

The picture above pretty much sums up my feelings about Nicki Minaj's whole career let alone her most recent lyrical disaster.  There's so many funny things about this situation however that I couldn't resist speaking on it.

Firstly, In another part of the song Minaj states "I came Trinidad on a temporary vizay" referencing her immigration to the US at the age of five.  This could lead one to question the status of her citizenship and as we all know the republicans don't take kindly to illegals so this could put her in an uncomfortable situation with her hypothetical party members.  But the real gag in all this is the fact that Onika isn't even registered to vote and even if she was a card toting GOP member I highly doubt she'd be invited to any campaign stops.  Her entire image pretty much sums up everything the republicans  ARE NOT HERE FOR.  Her provocative look, her over sexed lyrics, her "gangster rap" affiliations and use of profanity goes directly against their family values platform.  Minaj also seems to forget that not too long ago she and her family were section 8 poor living in the south side of Jamaica Queens while her father struggled with drugs, which means they benifitted from government assistance that republicans aren't typically fans of AND they were part of those "lazy bitches"  f'ing up the economy
I'd like to be mad  about how reckless and stupid Minaj's "endorsement" was but I've alwasy said you can't waste energy getting mad at  the actions children or crazy people because they don't know any better, so I'll take my own advice.  I just hope this latest gaffee will be the catalyst for her to finally have about three or four seats but I doubt it. 

Follow the link to hear the infamous endorsement rap.

Mercy- Lil Wayne ft. Nicki Minaj