Monday, September 17, 2012

Well It's Not Just Me & Spike Lee: Huffington Post Article Questions the Benefit of Tyler Perry Movies

Well, well, well, it looks like Spike Lee and I aren't the only "haters" in the building. An article recently published by the Huffington Post found in their Black Voices sound asking the question are Tyler Perry movies helping or hurting the black community. While the writer doesn't pick a side it's nice to finally see the question raised by someone other than Spike Lee.

Since I've already shared my personal opinion on Perry and his modern minstrel shows movies I won't go over them again but feel free to follow the link at the bottom and read the article which collected some of their greatest twitter responses and incorporated them within the story. Have fun!

PS.  Remember when I am talking about Perry Films I mean movies that were solely HIS intellectual property. Not films that where the concept, storyline and at the very least part dialogue were taken from a critically acclaimed play written decades before. And just in case there’s any question I was definitely talking about For Colored Girls. Okay now have fun!

Tyler Perry Movies: Are They Helping Or Hurting The Black Community?