Saturday, September 22, 2012

Each One Teach One: Let's Help Nicki Minaj Come Up With a New Album Name!

I don't usually blog on the weekend but as I'm watching The Art Of Rap, which is AMAZING by the way I can't help but to think about poor Onika Maraj. 

Not too long ago she announced that her next album will eventually drop and it will be named Pink Friday Roman Reloaded the Re Up, after that she released images of her new perfume named what?!?! You guessed it Pink Friday.  Now I know the Bratz Barbz probably love the fact that ALL of her albums and now her perfume have the same name, I mean it is easy to remember but I just need the madness to end. 

Since Nicki's probably too busy making faces in her mirror and picking out Safaree's outfits to do it herself I think we should all help her think of a new album and or fragrance name.  Here's my potential list:

1. Lacefronts and Silicone

2. Memories of the Rich and Ratchet


3. I'm  Rich So I Can Do This

Okay so they could probably use work but hey it's a start. Join in and let's help Nicki come up with something new!