Friday, September 7, 2012

Chile Please: Nicki Minaj endorses Mitt Romney in Latest Rap

After my trip to Jamaica and my slight hiatus I'm back with a story to tell.

Recently the blogs have been all a buzz with news of  rapper Nicki Minaj and her apparent endorsement of Mitt Romney.  On a track that appears on Lil Wayne's Dedication 4 mixtape, Minaj decided to throw out these "political" bars:
"I'm a Republican voting for Mitt Romney. You lazy bitches is #ucking up the economy" 

The picture above pretty much sums up my feelings about Nicki Minaj's whole career let alone her most recent lyrical disaster.  There's so many funny things about this situation however that I couldn't resist speaking on it.

Firstly, In another part of the song Minaj states "I came Trinidad on a temporary vizay" referencing her immigration to the US at the age of five.  This could lead one to question the status of her citizenship and as we all know the republicans don't take kindly to illegals so this could put her in an uncomfortable situation with her hypothetical party members.  But the real gag in all this is the fact that Onika isn't even registered to vote and even if she was a card toting GOP member I highly doubt she'd be invited to any campaign stops.  Her entire image pretty much sums up everything the republicans  ARE NOT HERE FOR.  Her provocative look, her over sexed lyrics, her "gangster rap" affiliations and use of profanity goes directly against their family values platform.  Minaj also seems to forget that not too long ago she and her family were section 8 poor living in the south side of Jamaica Queens while her father struggled with drugs, which means they benifitted from government assistance that republicans aren't typically fans of AND they were part of those "lazy bitches"  f'ing up the economy
I'd like to be mad  about how reckless and stupid Minaj's "endorsement" was but I've alwasy said you can't waste energy getting mad at  the actions children or crazy people because they don't know any better, so I'll take my own advice.  I just hope this latest gaffee will be the catalyst for her to finally have about three or four seats but I doubt it. 

Follow the link to hear the infamous endorsement rap.

Mercy- Lil Wayne ft. Nicki Minaj