Friday, September 28, 2012

This Is Why I Don't Like Her: Ann Coulter Being Ann Coulter on The View

I really try not to mention Ann Coulter because I swear she's raises my normal on target blood pressure but today I couldn't resist.  Sometime this week Ann the friendly WASP decided to reschedule her daily tea party and screening of Birth Of A Nation with David Duke to stop by The View and plug her new book Mugged.

 Ann like always made inflammatory and border line racist comments one saying that the OJ verdict made white America say "that's it the white guilt banks are shut down" and "that was the best thing that ever happened to black people" oh and of course "Barack Obama has abandoned black people" and just in case you were wondering the crime laws employed by republicans in New York and Reagan and Bush judges throughout the nation really saved black lives.  There is so much I'd like to say about all that but for the sake of my pressure I'm just going to correct a few of her erroneous "facts".

1. Liberals call everything that doesn't have to do with black people Civil Rights....abortion on demand, homeless rights

-Despite contrary opinion Black people do not have the monopoly on Civil Rights...and this is coming from a real life black person.  By definition Civil Rights are equality rights they are not race, age, gender or sexual orientation specific.  They are rights a person is guaranteed by a nation from birth.

2. The first Black congressmen were all republicans and republicans were the first to try to get blacks to vote and the southern strategy was a myth.

- Okay historically yes Ann you are right but how bout we stop pretending that we're all idiots who don't know that the political parties in America have drastically shifted ideologically since 1868.  The republican party today is not the party of Lincoln, that's just basic high school government class knowledge.

3. Republicans have never pushed for Voter I.D laws that's a democrat thing.
Really so what about...
- Nikki Haley governor of South Carolina..a republican
- Tom Corbett governor of Pennsylvania
- Rick Scott governor of Florida
- Rick Perry former governor of Texas

now that's only naming a few but c'mon we all know republicans have been overwhelmingly pushing for these laws

4. Liberals support voter fraud
- there have been more accounts of people seeing UFO's than voter fraud occurring CUT IT OUT.

If you want to hear her entire segment on The View and watch Whoopi get bleeped just follow the link below and for the love of God please don't read chapter 14 or 16 of her book like she begs everyone too.  Just read the 14th and 16th'll be better off that way, I promise.

Ann Coulter on The View