Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I Said It And What: Mitt Romney's Not Apologizing For 47% Comments

Somewhere in the hills of Massachusetts (or at least in my mind) I'm sure Mitt Romney is blasting Snow's Informer and yelling "I'll lick em bum bum down" in his best patois all while drinking lots of gin because this is truly turning out to be an annoying week. First he had to deal with Nancy Pelosi throwing shade now one of his supporters has turned snitched and released a particularly damning video of him.

 As I'm sure most people already know that a video was recently released that features Mitt Romney saying that 47% of America will never vote for him because they are depending on government to supply their needs like housing and food and that he doesn't care about them.

Well MOST people would assume that after a messy situation like this you'd apologize and try to do some damage control but of course your not Mitt Romney.  Recently Romney has channeled his inner thug and basically said that he's standing by his statements and HE'S NOT now what!

Now I'm not sure if Romney's campaign team just decided to stop caring this week or if they are truly so ignorant that they think not wavering on this is a good idea but whatever the case may be they have made egregious mistake.  With 7 weeks till the election it might not be the best idea to alienate 47% of the population, especially not when your behind in the vast majority of wing states.

Fact Check Me (& listen to Informer):
Romney Stands by Statements

Snow- Informer