Friday, October 26, 2012

Pop Culture Friday: An Open Letter to Ciara


My sweet honey child, we must chat.

I haven't written you before because I thought you had gotten yourself a baller and decided to shy away  from the limelight but clearly I was wrong.  Now girl, I didn't say anything when you decided to fancy yourself an actress and act in that terrible All You've Got MTV movie.

 I never touched the fact that your middle name is princess or that almost ombre hair your still clinging to. 

Most importantly I remained silent when I found out you were in the straight to dvd version of Mama, I Want to Sing! Even though I found the whole thing ironically humours. 

See Ciara I was giving you time to find your self or just simply have a seat but now with your latest Got Me Good Video, you've gone too far!

I'm not even going to shade you for doing a video in the desert when your weave already looks like it's quenched for thirst, but the lyrics girl, the lyrics did it for me.

Cici (if I can call you that)  it's one thing to massacre your own intellectual property put I'd appreciate if you wouldn't drag one of my favorite childhood games into the situation.  I caught the little "My backs aching my bra too tight" chant reference and I'M NOT HERE FOR IT.  I need you to get it together immediately!

My suggestion is that you call up Steevie J and Mona Scott Young and see if you can be the Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta version of Olivia so you can make a little change.

Or you can always go the Ashanti route and find Bow Wow or some other struggling rapper and make a nice little happy home and call it a day with all the celebrity foolishness.

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, stay away from my DMV soul mate Wale and Kendrick Lamar.    I have such high hopes for these amazing artist and I feel like you might Yoko Ono their careers.

I doubt you'll listen to me but I wish you all the best,

- A concerned music lover

Monday, October 22, 2012

Don't Miss a Thing: Live Tweets During the Presidential Debate

Tonight is the final presidential debate before the election and I'll be tweeting live the entire time!

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Knuck if You Buck: Tagg Romney Wanted to "Take a Swing" at the POTUS

Where is Reggie Love when you need him?!?

Apparently one of  Romney's clones kids found their thuggish ruggish bone and decided to take aim at the President!

Yesterday during an interview with a North Carolina radio station Tagg Romney said that when he heard President Obama call his father a liar during the debates he wanted to

"jump out of his seat and ... rush down to the debate stage and take a swing at him."
He followed this by saying
 "But you know you can't do that because, well first because there's a lot of Secret Service between you and him, but also because this is the nature of the process, they're going to do everything they can do to try to make my dad into someone he's not."
Look, I find it hard to take someone with a misspelled verb for a name seriously but little statements like this aren't cute, dignified or appropriate.  It just goes to show that with all the money the Romney's have their children lack a wee bit of class and political savvy. 

I'm sure millions of people and POLITICIANS wanted to punch George W Bush in the throat while he was President but they didn't dare say it because no matter what he is the President and there is a certain amount of respect he deserves.  Also Tagg's main reason for not taking a swing at the POTUS should have been because it would be wrong to do and that's not how adults or any person should handle situations not because he knew he'd get bodied by Secret Service. AND if making the other candidate look bad is just the nature of the process then aren't you doing the same thing?

Either way I'm sure the Romney team will sweep Tagg's thoughtless comments under the rug and make sure he doesn't slip up again and I'm fine with that.  However if I was Tagg I wouldn't try it with Obama, I'm sure he's not a "fighter" but to me he has "run up get done up" written all over him.

*I realize that I previously referred to Tagg as Tripp.  I apologize, I often feel as though yuppie, smug names are interchangeable*


Friday, October 12, 2012

Pop Culture Friday: BasketBall Wives LA, Nicki Mina, Bus Driver Uppercut, Bobbi Kris & More!

Happy Friday! Now let's talk pop culture.

Basketball Wives LA
This show entertains me like no other and I'm slightly ashamed to say it.  That being said this episode was cute and drama filled.  I still don't understand why Jackie Christie is still on the show because she's really too old for all of that drama but I guess a check is needed.  The episode focused a lot on family and issues.  We got to see Draya and her family and the Govan sisters hashed out their little drama as well, all culminating in a fight between Jackie and Draya.  Now this whole fight was stupid but Jackie gets the crown for doing the most.  As the only person in the group who's close to receiving AARP she should have known better.  The only thing she needs to be fighting for at her age is medicare and social security.

Nicki Minaj's New Album Cover
3 words.
Fresh off  cussing Mariah Carey out in true hood rat fashion on the set of American Idol, Nicki has released the album cover for the re release of her redundant Pink Friday: Roman Re loaded album.  Why she's re releasing an album that wasn't that good in the first place is beyond me but hey why not.  What I really can't wrap my brain around is why she come up with a new name for this pop crap she keeps putting out.  That's why I'm still keeping the "help Nicki come up with a new album title" fact it shout just be trending. something like #nomorepinkfriday #endpinkfriday #namenicki'salbum #pinkfridayisdead anything.  I know the Barbz are going to come for my neck but I can't stand the lil wayne repetition anymore.

Bobbi Kristina's Reality Show:

Where is Cissy and who gave this the green light?  I can't see how this is a good idea for anybody.  All I see is a train wreck and a break down in the future for all parties involved in this foolishness


Stacy Dash Voting For Mitt Romney:
Apparently Stacy Dash supports Mitt Romney.  I haven't been really interested in what Stacy Dash had to say since she stopped being Dionne Davenport but hey good for her at least she's voting.

J Cole, Kendrick Lamar Album Still Happening:

Words cannot explain how bad I stan for both of them and whispers of a join album have made my whole entire year!  A couple of weeks ago Kendrick Lamar assured the public that the album is still in the works and they're a couple of tracks deep.  Hopefully they aren't going to pull a Detox and release random tracks every couple of years but never an album.

Bus Driver UpperCut Video:

This is exactly why I hate riding the bus! If you haven't watched the video follow the link and do it now before you read the rest of this.  I never advocate violence by anyone but this shows all the little Nicki Minaj's of the world exactly why you can't go around acting like your "bout that life" and disrespect people..especially not your elders.  This little girl knew she was wrong for threatening that elderly bus driver and cussing and spitting in his face and because she clearly had no home training she thought she could get away with it.  Now I'm not saying the old man was right for uppercutting her to the next dimension and knocking her little dollar tree ponytail off but when you act like a thug you get treated like one. ovaries or not .Bus driver Uppercut

So that's pretty much it for the week feel free to comment and let me know what I missed.

Coming For That Number One Spot: Biden and Ryan Spar During Debate

If you didn't watch the debates YOU WERE MISSING OUT.  As soon as it ended I had to put on some Sade and dim my lights just to relax because as my mom would say "a sistah was spent".  The debate was filled with shade, reads, fact checking and the familiar sound of Biden laughing, all the things my dreams are made of. 

So What did we learn according to Ryan:

Ryan would spend more time and money in Iraq and the middle east. 
Ryan and Romney do not support abortion would not nominate supreme court justices to the supreme court who supported it
Military spending should increase
The stimulus package has hurt America
Under Romney medicare would essential be a voucher system
Obama policies are terrible vote Romney

Biden on the other hand reaffirmed Obama's policies and basically read Paul Ryan his rights and sent him to bed with a cool glass of milk.  The most entertaining moment (besides every time time he'd make a face) was when Joe Biden slammed Paul Ryan on attacking the stimulus package when he sent two letters to the Vice President asking for stimulus money for his state!

So for the big question of who won last night.  Personally I believe the crown goes to my fellow Aquarian, the moderator, Martha Raddatz.  Raddatz handled the debate the way Jim Lehrer should have a week ago.  She interrupted when necessary and she demanded the candidates to be specific and answer the questions she asked. So brava Martha!

All in all the debate was beyond entertaining and a definite success for the Obama camp.  The Romney momentum was crushed and now all eyes will be on Obama and Romney on Tuesday for the next set of presidential debates.  Of course Ryan is desperately in need of a shoulder to cry on I'm sure he can call up Sarah Palin. She knows all about getting served by Joe Biden and of course the "liberal elite".

On a brighter not here are a few of my favorite memes...enjoy!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mama Said Knock You Out: The Vice Presidential Debate Promises To Be a Battle Royal

With only a few weeks left until the election, Vice President Joe Biden and Vice Presidential hopeful Paul Ryan are ready to duke it out in the only way politicians can since duels were outlaws, by debating.

Tonight at 9pm Biden and Ryan will debate each other on foreign and domestic topics each having two minutes to respond. 

For the Obama campaign tonight is huge.  Granted it won't really have an impact on the polls or the outcome of the election unless something extremely bad happens but it will provide the administration with a chance to stop any momentum Romney and Ryan have gained since the last debate.

Since Joe Biden is known for being fiery and outspoken I'm sure he's already blasting Cheif Keef and ready to put the breaks on this Romney train (or at least in my head he is).  If your not watching the debate don't worry, I'll be doing a brief recap tomorrow!

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

On the Come Up: Urban Affairs Daily is Now on Twitter!!

Urban Affairs Daily is now on Twitter!!

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

You Decide 2012: Make Sure Your Registered

So I know I promised a full debate review but after watching the debate and doing the live updates via Facebook I don't think I need to.  What I think is most important right now is that EVERYBODY register to vote!! In a lot of states the deadline is fast approaching so make sure you check your registration status and if your already not registered DO IT TODAY!

Voting is crucial especially if you are of color.  Many people fought and died so that we would one day be able to perform our civic duty, let's not sully their memory by not voting now!!!!

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Not Watching the Debates? I Got You Covered: Live Debate Updates TONIGHT!

Happy Presidential Debate Day!!!

Okay so I know everybody isn't as excited as me but hey I'm a politics junkie.  Now I also know alot of people don't watch the debates for a multitude of reasons like it's boring, you have to work that night, something better comes on at 9, or you have other things in life to do.  Even though your not watching it live you don't want to be left out when professors, co workers or really SNL starts talking about the debates, I mean nobody likes that feeling.  So for those people I have a solution.

Starting tonight I will be providing Live debate updates via Facebook so everybody can feel informed even if your not watching it yourself.  Just visit Urban Affairs Daily on Facebook and like, subscribe or just stalk the page to keep yourself abreast on all things Debate tonight. 

If for some sad reason you decide to hit the pass button on that you can just stay tuned to this page for a more in depth look at the debate but that will probably be published by Friday so GO ON FACEBOOK!

The link to the Urban Affairs Daily page is below and the Live updates will start at 9pm eastern standard time.  Check it out!

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Jackie Christie Fail: This is Exactly Why You Should Know Your Bible

I don't expect much from reality TV but I do expect people to know what they're talking about at least 55% especially if they're talking about God and their beliefs.  Sadly Basketball Wives LA ruined all my expectations in a matter of minutes.

On Monday night the eldest wife, Jackie Christie sat down with co-star Draya Michelle to discuss some issues they were having.   After a couple of heated moments Jackie began to pray (granted they had just brought her food out but still) and the following conversation went something like this.

Draya: I'm just making sure we're praying to the same God

Jackie: See I've heard that little stuff about being satanic and I don't even play with that like me and Lazarus is not friends.

Draya: who?

Jackie: who's the devil Draya?

Draya: His names not Lazarus

Jackie:  What is it then Satan? there's all Kind of names for him.

Clearly Jackie needs to cancel some of these little Lunch dates and stop by somebodies Bible study because LAZARUS and LUCIFER are not the same person.  I mean Aretha Franklin even sings about LAZARUS in "Oh Mary don't you weep" so you don't even need to be a theologian to know the difference.  I honestly feel like Jackie is a little crazy so I don't want to talk about her too bad but in the future I'm going to need her to do better.