Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Not Watching the Debates? I Got You Covered: Live Debate Updates TONIGHT!

Happy Presidential Debate Day!!!

Okay so I know everybody isn't as excited as me but hey I'm a politics junkie.  Now I also know alot of people don't watch the debates for a multitude of reasons like it's boring, you have to work that night, something better comes on at 9, or you have other things in life to do.  Even though your not watching it live you don't want to be left out when professors, co workers or really SNL starts talking about the debates, I mean nobody likes that feeling.  So for those people I have a solution.

Starting tonight I will be providing Live debate updates via Facebook so everybody can feel informed even if your not watching it yourself.  Just visit Urban Affairs Daily on Facebook and like, subscribe or just stalk the page to keep yourself abreast on all things Debate tonight. 

If for some sad reason you decide to hit the pass button on that you can just stay tuned to this page for a more in depth look at the debate but that will probably be published by Friday so GO ON FACEBOOK!

The link to the Urban Affairs Daily page is below and the Live updates will start at 9pm eastern standard time.  Check it out!

Urban Affairs Daily on Facebook