Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mama Said Knock You Out: The Vice Presidential Debate Promises To Be a Battle Royal

With only a few weeks left until the election, Vice President Joe Biden and Vice Presidential hopeful Paul Ryan are ready to duke it out in the only way politicians can since duels were outlaws, by debating.

Tonight at 9pm Biden and Ryan will debate each other on foreign and domestic topics each having two minutes to respond. 

For the Obama campaign tonight is huge.  Granted it won't really have an impact on the polls or the outcome of the election unless something extremely bad happens but it will provide the administration with a chance to stop any momentum Romney and Ryan have gained since the last debate.

Since Joe Biden is known for being fiery and outspoken I'm sure he's already blasting Cheif Keef and ready to put the breaks on this Romney train (or at least in my head he is).  If your not watching the debate don't worry, I'll be doing a brief recap tomorrow!

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