Friday, October 12, 2012

Pop Culture Friday: BasketBall Wives LA, Nicki Mina, Bus Driver Uppercut, Bobbi Kris & More!

Happy Friday! Now let's talk pop culture.

Basketball Wives LA
This show entertains me like no other and I'm slightly ashamed to say it.  That being said this episode was cute and drama filled.  I still don't understand why Jackie Christie is still on the show because she's really too old for all of that drama but I guess a check is needed.  The episode focused a lot on family and issues.  We got to see Draya and her family and the Govan sisters hashed out their little drama as well, all culminating in a fight between Jackie and Draya.  Now this whole fight was stupid but Jackie gets the crown for doing the most.  As the only person in the group who's close to receiving AARP she should have known better.  The only thing she needs to be fighting for at her age is medicare and social security.

Nicki Minaj's New Album Cover
3 words.
Fresh off  cussing Mariah Carey out in true hood rat fashion on the set of American Idol, Nicki has released the album cover for the re release of her redundant Pink Friday: Roman Re loaded album.  Why she's re releasing an album that wasn't that good in the first place is beyond me but hey why not.  What I really can't wrap my brain around is why she come up with a new name for this pop crap she keeps putting out.  That's why I'm still keeping the "help Nicki come up with a new album title" fact it shout just be trending. something like #nomorepinkfriday #endpinkfriday #namenicki'salbum #pinkfridayisdead anything.  I know the Barbz are going to come for my neck but I can't stand the lil wayne repetition anymore.

Bobbi Kristina's Reality Show:

Where is Cissy and who gave this the green light?  I can't see how this is a good idea for anybody.  All I see is a train wreck and a break down in the future for all parties involved in this foolishness


Stacy Dash Voting For Mitt Romney:
Apparently Stacy Dash supports Mitt Romney.  I haven't been really interested in what Stacy Dash had to say since she stopped being Dionne Davenport but hey good for her at least she's voting.

J Cole, Kendrick Lamar Album Still Happening:

Words cannot explain how bad I stan for both of them and whispers of a join album have made my whole entire year!  A couple of weeks ago Kendrick Lamar assured the public that the album is still in the works and they're a couple of tracks deep.  Hopefully they aren't going to pull a Detox and release random tracks every couple of years but never an album.

Bus Driver UpperCut Video:

This is exactly why I hate riding the bus! If you haven't watched the video follow the link and do it now before you read the rest of this.  I never advocate violence by anyone but this shows all the little Nicki Minaj's of the world exactly why you can't go around acting like your "bout that life" and disrespect people..especially not your elders.  This little girl knew she was wrong for threatening that elderly bus driver and cussing and spitting in his face and because she clearly had no home training she thought she could get away with it.  Now I'm not saying the old man was right for uppercutting her to the next dimension and knocking her little dollar tree ponytail off but when you act like a thug you get treated like one. ovaries or not .Bus driver Uppercut

So that's pretty much it for the week feel free to comment and let me know what I missed.