Friday, October 26, 2012

Pop Culture Friday: An Open Letter to Ciara


My sweet honey child, we must chat.

I haven't written you before because I thought you had gotten yourself a baller and decided to shy away  from the limelight but clearly I was wrong.  Now girl, I didn't say anything when you decided to fancy yourself an actress and act in that terrible All You've Got MTV movie.

 I never touched the fact that your middle name is princess or that almost ombre hair your still clinging to. 

Most importantly I remained silent when I found out you were in the straight to dvd version of Mama, I Want to Sing! Even though I found the whole thing ironically humours. 

See Ciara I was giving you time to find your self or just simply have a seat but now with your latest Got Me Good Video, you've gone too far!

I'm not even going to shade you for doing a video in the desert when your weave already looks like it's quenched for thirst, but the lyrics girl, the lyrics did it for me.

Cici (if I can call you that)  it's one thing to massacre your own intellectual property put I'd appreciate if you wouldn't drag one of my favorite childhood games into the situation.  I caught the little "My backs aching my bra too tight" chant reference and I'M NOT HERE FOR IT.  I need you to get it together immediately!

My suggestion is that you call up Steevie J and Mona Scott Young and see if you can be the Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta version of Olivia so you can make a little change.

Or you can always go the Ashanti route and find Bow Wow or some other struggling rapper and make a nice little happy home and call it a day with all the celebrity foolishness.

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, stay away from my DMV soul mate Wale and Kendrick Lamar.    I have such high hopes for these amazing artist and I feel like you might Yoko Ono their careers.

I doubt you'll listen to me but I wish you all the best,

- A concerned music lover