Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Jackie Christie Fail: This is Exactly Why You Should Know Your Bible

I don't expect much from reality TV but I do expect people to know what they're talking about at least 55% especially if they're talking about God and their beliefs.  Sadly Basketball Wives LA ruined all my expectations in a matter of minutes.

On Monday night the eldest wife, Jackie Christie sat down with co-star Draya Michelle to discuss some issues they were having.   After a couple of heated moments Jackie began to pray (granted they had just brought her food out but still) and the following conversation went something like this.

Draya: I'm just making sure we're praying to the same God

Jackie: See I've heard that little stuff about being satanic and I don't even play with that like me and Lazarus is not friends.

Draya: who?

Jackie: who's the devil Draya?

Draya: His names not Lazarus

Jackie:  What is it then Satan? there's all Kind of names for him.

Clearly Jackie needs to cancel some of these little Lunch dates and stop by somebodies Bible study because LAZARUS and LUCIFER are not the same person.  I mean Aretha Franklin even sings about LAZARUS in "Oh Mary don't you weep" so you don't even need to be a theologian to know the difference.  I honestly feel like Jackie is a little crazy so I don't want to talk about her too bad but in the future I'm going to need her to do better.