Friday, October 12, 2012

Coming For That Number One Spot: Biden and Ryan Spar During Debate

If you didn't watch the debates YOU WERE MISSING OUT.  As soon as it ended I had to put on some Sade and dim my lights just to relax because as my mom would say "a sistah was spent".  The debate was filled with shade, reads, fact checking and the familiar sound of Biden laughing, all the things my dreams are made of. 

So What did we learn according to Ryan:

Ryan would spend more time and money in Iraq and the middle east. 
Ryan and Romney do not support abortion would not nominate supreme court justices to the supreme court who supported it
Military spending should increase
The stimulus package has hurt America
Under Romney medicare would essential be a voucher system
Obama policies are terrible vote Romney

Biden on the other hand reaffirmed Obama's policies and basically read Paul Ryan his rights and sent him to bed with a cool glass of milk.  The most entertaining moment (besides every time time he'd make a face) was when Joe Biden slammed Paul Ryan on attacking the stimulus package when he sent two letters to the Vice President asking for stimulus money for his state!

So for the big question of who won last night.  Personally I believe the crown goes to my fellow Aquarian, the moderator, Martha Raddatz.  Raddatz handled the debate the way Jim Lehrer should have a week ago.  She interrupted when necessary and she demanded the candidates to be specific and answer the questions she asked. So brava Martha!

All in all the debate was beyond entertaining and a definite success for the Obama camp.  The Romney momentum was crushed and now all eyes will be on Obama and Romney on Tuesday for the next set of presidential debates.  Of course Ryan is desperately in need of a shoulder to cry on I'm sure he can call up Sarah Palin. She knows all about getting served by Joe Biden and of course the "liberal elite".

On a brighter not here are a few of my favorite memes...enjoy!