Thursday, June 28, 2012

ACLU Set to Represent KKK in Latest Case

As I write this I'm pretty sure David Duke is somewhere watching Hitler documentaries and steaming his favorite hood and sheet combo because it looks like his former organization has gotten a big hand up today.

In opportunistically hypocritical breaking news the ACLU has decided to represent the KKK in their recent highway debacle. Not too long ago the state of Georgia blocked the KKK's plan to adopt a stretch of route 515 in North Georgia and apparently the Klan is not taking this one lying down.

I'm not particularly shocked at the Klan, they're a racist organization who constantly attempts to spread their hateful propaganda so honestly their just doing their job. The ACLU on the other hand...I cannot. I understand that they believe in defending 1st amendment issue but getting into bed with an organized TERRORIST group who generally hate 98% of people or groups you've defended might help you politically but in reality it's BEYOND reckless and insensitive.

I'd like to believe this case won't go far but with the current climate of the nation that's unlikely