Thursday, June 21, 2012

"That Dope Ain't No Joke": Florida man Gets Naked And Eats Man's Flesh

I'm not saying the Zombie Apocalypse is upon us but well this is some crazy stuff.  According to Florida police Charles Baker got naked, busted into his girlfriends house already high on some drug, bit a piece of another man's bicep and then ATE it.  This isn't the first bit of cannibalism craziness we've seen from Florida, not too long ago a Miami man was shot and killed by police after eating the vast majority of a homeless man's face.  Though we don't know exactly what Baker was on we do know that the Miami cannibal was high on bath salts, which seems to be a growing trend. 

Because of the face eating nature of these and several other attacks, the CDC released a statement assuring the public that there is not a zombie epidemic and everybody can calm down.  Logically I know they're right but I'm packing my survival kit and leaving it by the door just in case.