Monday, June 18, 2012

Really?!?: Sarah Palin mocks Obamas drug use and dog eating.

These days i try to make it a rule to pretend Sarah Palin doesn't exist, kind of like the bogeyman or Peter Pan.  In my wonderful dream world Palin was just a mystical figure who's now somewhere with Puff the Magic Dragon in a land called Honalee or hanging out in some magical country where being dumb is smart and geography is non existent.  I had pretty much kept up my delusional fantasy until today when I finally broke down and read a Politico article about a speech Palin gave at some conservative bloggers convention.

Apparently Palin decided to try her hand at intentional comedy and had this to say: “That cocaine snorting, and what he ate — Fido? Rufus?” and “I think it’s funny that the cocktail circuit gives me a hard time for eating elk and moose. Anybody here have a pet moose? There’s a difference.”  

I'm really not sure where to even start with this.  I think what really confuses me the most is that this is Sarah Palin throwing shade at Barack Obama.  Sarah Palin?!? The woman who could see Russia from Alaska, the woman who couldn't name any newspaper or magazine that she reads on a DAILY BASIS.  The woman who was probably the biggest presidential political liability in the past 30 to 40 years!!  I just..I don't even understand her.  She's not running for any office but she still feels the need to well just talk.  I don't know maybe I'm just being extra but unless she's competing on Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader I don't want to hear her speak.